About Marta

Marta Carriedo

Marta is a student of economics that was born in Madrid, Spain, 29 years ago. 

After working in auditing for 3 years she quite her job and started working for an international jewellery brand as product manager for almost another year.

She started her lifestyle blog It Girl as a hobby but day by day it became her passion.

In 2014 she also stopped working for this company and decided to focus on her blog and she created her own enterprise about fashion and communication.

In 2015 she founded It Girl Marta Shop as a way to show her followers her ow designs and point of view in the fashion world, as she does on her blog.

Her effortless style combined with those elegant details always according to the latest trends is reflected in her brand. Because of that she has started with simple tees and jewels that she use to wear daily. Basics models for any time of the day to combine then easily.

The first collection is focused on her small tattoos or mini tattoos as she call them, reminding her and all of you to ‘never give up’, always follow your dreams. She has this sentence on her left hand.

Pieces are produced in Bangladesh, Portugal and Spain, depending on the design, quality, transport, etc.